Friday, September 30, 2005


Cockfest II Has taken place!! And the Blogspot is now here!
Cockfest II was in blackpool for those of you who didnt know, and It was all good stuff!!

Matt Felt Left Out

MATTTTTTTTTT, Matt Felt abit left Out After richard was taken Picutres of Leighton and Dave , so matt posed for his first picture of the trip, and as you can see he is sooooo exicted to be there!! The room in the back of Phils Car was Very limited, So we had to use our Room Wisely , This involves, Haribo, Drink and TOPTRUMPS! But We had only been in the car about 15mins At this time And The pressure was alraedy getting to our HEAD!

Day One-Leaving For Blackpool

We Left at 9:20 In the moring For blackpool!! All Jumping into Phils Metro , And Threw our bags in the boot and Of we went!!! There was so much room in Phils Metro ..... As you can see Leighton and David Are so exicted For the car journy we couldnt wait to get going!!!!

Too Much pleasure

After Dave Had Finished on the Chair leighton Was still at it!!, We all turned our back for 1min and turn back and throught leighton was having abit too much pleasure! But that wasnt enough for leighton as he got up while the chair was still moving and lyed Across The chair face First but As the Massage Balls in the chair started at his head and going down to his Ding dong Leighton Jumped off and The 5mins of Heaven was over for leighton. It was time to move on.


WOW! Look at him Drive going so fast the car in the back is slanted, Well at this time The pressure of 5 guys in the Car sweating is getting to Phils head, Phil Loved Driving All the way to blackpool as you can see in his face, he also liked the way Matt dave and leighton Was Rocking around in the back of the car making the Whole car Move. It was about 2hours into the Journy In the picutre, And It was time to stop for a SERVICE BREAK!

SERVICES! - Stop 1

Well I think Philip Got the message that Dave leighton and Matt wanted a Service Stop After Shouting " SERVICES" at every Services Sign we had seen, As soon as we pulled into the Services It Started too Piss it down with rain.... So for some reason we decided to run around like Pricks in the rain, And Richard got a Picture Of Dave Just before he went running!
So we went into the services And had a long look Around and sat down and had our KFC about 11:20 and Slaped all the greasy Food Down us! Our Stomachs were Prepaired for the amount of shit we were about to Eat this weekend, We already knew that we woulnt get 1 decent meal, and it all will be Greasy Takeaways! So we sat down eating our KFC, And philip couldnt stop laughing at somthing and we look around and See a random Cowboy sat there, eating KFc.......

Feed that bastard!

Looks like philip hadnt eaten in 10years looking at this Photo, Even tho we had just eaten A huge KFC..... But Phil will became one fat bastard at the end of the Cockfest with the amount of crap eaten! But Philip Just had ago on his First Slot machince Here, and lost...... But dont worry We Had £1000000000000 TO spend!, well at least It felt like that.

The Begining Of the end for our Wallets

We Didnt know it but this was the Begining of the end... Where our Wallets would get Raped!
Dave and Leighton went of And started puting Pound coins in every slot they could see, Then they Saw there Massage Chairs they where on the before you could say BLACKPOOL!
They Jumped onto them Put there money into the Chair and It was Heaven for 5min!

Time to get back on the road!

It was time to move on from the services! It was time to get back into the metro!!!!
How we all coulnt wait to get back in! We all Climbed back into the car and Phil was Off!!
Dave, Matt and leighton got out the Trumpcards again and sat and played them for another 30mins , and richard Puting his Great music on!! With hits like Bang bang bang, and Chinesse rap!!! IT was well good music!!!!!!

Energy time !

Matt looks like he needs the Boost of energy or he needs some wings to escape the car Journy? Who knows but looks like matt Is ready for the Journy!!


After another 3 hours in the car, and 3 hours of TopTrumps, Leighton is Still Drinking his red bull, As David is looking out the window in bordom, As we are passing Hundreds of Services phil is not Stopping he just wants to get to our 5* hotel!, As time goes and our Backs Breaking, We Finally See a sign " BLACKPOOL" !! The Car Goes Crazy with Leighton matt and dave Dancing to BANG BANG BANG in the back of the Car!!


Well well, After 5-6 hours of Driving We finaly Get there!! The 5* Hotel! THE GRANGE!
As the car pulls up, The dodgiest Man Comes out of the Hotel, Looking like some kind of Masked Murderer! As you will see the picture later on. So we all Line up , PHOTO TIME!