Friday, September 30, 2005

SERVICES! - Stop 1

Well I think Philip Got the message that Dave leighton and Matt wanted a Service Stop After Shouting " SERVICES" at every Services Sign we had seen, As soon as we pulled into the Services It Started too Piss it down with rain.... So for some reason we decided to run around like Pricks in the rain, And Richard got a Picture Of Dave Just before he went running!
So we went into the services And had a long look Around and sat down and had our KFC about 11:20 and Slaped all the greasy Food Down us! Our Stomachs were Prepaired for the amount of shit we were about to Eat this weekend, We already knew that we woulnt get 1 decent meal, and it all will be Greasy Takeaways! So we sat down eating our KFC, And philip couldnt stop laughing at somthing and we look around and See a random Cowboy sat there, eating KFc.......


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